This repository is a part of „Disciplinary Open Research Data Repositories” project, which aims to enhance access to academic resources by making them available in open research data repositories, as well as to improve the quality of shared data and metadata and to facilitate their better use. The Project is financed by the Digital Poland Project Centre (Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa).

Macromolecular Xtallography Raw Data Repository MX-RDR is a domain-specific digital repository of raw diffraction data collected for macromolecular crystals. It includes tools simplifying metadata descriptions by combining information extracted directly from diffraction images, obtained from the PDB database and/or user input.

This repository is dedicated to preserve raw diffraction images and the metadata associated with it. Secondary goal is to be able to reprocess raw data uploaded to the Repository and compare it with the metadata uploaded by the User. The Repository is open for everyone to use.